As you all know, the spring and summer times are for bbq’s, baseball, and weddings.  This year is different for me because I can no longer file single on my taxes.  That’s right, I’m getting married! In a month to be exact.  Anyway, I got an opportunity to shoot a wedding last year and I never got around to posting the photos.  I started working 2 jobs and there was no time to really post.  So I wanted to share those photos with you now…better late than never right?


Man it’s been a while since I have last posted.  I believe last summer or fall was the last post that I actually wrote and added photos.  Well I haven’t been too busy with shooting in the past year.  Some things here and there.  Most of the stuff that I have been shooting was for my own collection or just random stuff that I attended.  This whole being an adult thing and having bills to pay as put a damper on me shooting so when I do shoot I will try to add photos and hopefully my portfolio will be updated soon.  So here are some photos from the Lincoln Fire Company’s Car show that they hosted with Spring Mill Fire Company.  These are just some of the cars that I had a major interest in.


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Rodeo = Pretty Fun

Hey guys, just like I said in my last post that I was going to start posting more and to get it really kicked off I am going to post about this rodeo that I went to a few weekends ago.  The rodeo was near my new residence in Plymouth Whitemarsh or where ever it was (the towns are still blurry at this point).  It was pretty interesting to experience.  Originally my future father-in-law and some others from his firehouse was going to sell raffle tickets for a 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide.  Beautiful bike, I want it!  Anyway, I took my camera and managed to snap off 200-some photos of the action and everything happening.  Since I love action shots, I’ll just show them.  I know in school they tell you get the crowd and atmosphere…but whatever.  Technically I wasn’t supposed to be taking those photos.  The organizers seemed pretty cool and just didn’t want me to get to close to the fence so I wouldn’t get nailed by a horse or something.  Any who, here are the photos…enjoy!

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Hmmm, time to post again

I know I haven’t been posting like I have and I know I should do it more.  Lately my life has gone from Syracuse everything to nothing (well, not really nothing).  What I mean by that is while I was at SU, I was constantly shooting, constantly working on projects and constantly going it seemed.  Now that I have finished my credits, I haven’t done shit.  Really, I haven’t.  I had a job fall through which blew, but I guess it happens.  I did however get paid for my first magazine gig.  Thanks to the folks at Tricycle Magazine, they gave me a chance to work with writer Richard Eskrow in Ithaca, NY.  Should be an interesting article and who knows, maybe one of my photos will make the cover.  But it was a great time and an awesome experience.  The issue I am in is the Winter issue, so keep a look out for it!!!  Also, the singer that I photographed, Khym, finally released her single in the local music shops in Syracuse, NY.  I am having my friend Xiaoyun Fan pick me up a copy and mail it to me.  Should be good, I’ll probably frame it because I loved working with Khym and I got to meet a lot of great people doing that project.  But other than that, life really has slowed down for me.  I took a month off from doing work and school and all that just to chill, relax, and go to the beach and hang out with people.  I didn’t do anything but bum around for a month and really, looking back on it, it sucked.  I had no money, no way to get around, and I couldn’t get to the beach as much as I’d like.  But eh, it’s in the past now.

So after I took my month off, I finally moved up the Conshohocken, PA with my fiance Arline and her family.  It’s been a pretty interesting move and it took a little bit of time to get accustomed to the ways of the Seskos.  But, its good.  Things are starting to look up because I just (well, not official) just got a job at this place in Horsham, Pa.  I’ll be working at “Linda’s Stuff” and it is an online (Ebay certified) store that is pretty much a gigantic consignment shop.  Cool place, a lot of young people working there.  It’ll be something until I can land the dream job.  I have been shooting some lately though, which the following posts will be having photos.  I shot an extrication event in Dover, DE with some fire fighters.  It was a competition between Delaware fire companies to see who can get a mannequin out of a busted up car faster.  They all had different scenarios and all that.  It was pretty cool.  Then this past weekend I shot a rodeo.  First ever rodeo and it was pretty damn cool.  Some good shots coming too.  So that’s where my life has been and is now.

If yall need a photographer for a family portrait or anything, give me a call or an email.  Peace Out!

First off, I want to recognize that I have been sucking at blogging recently but it usually isn’t the first thing on my mind or list to do.  I know that I said in my last post that I would be talking about technology and all that but I’ve come to the realization that a lot of what I am going to talk about is going to be spread out and usually not congruent with the previous post.  Any how, I realize that I need to and want to blog more even if there isn’t anything exciting happening for this guy.  So for this blog, I’m going to tell you guys what exciting stuff has been going on this summer up to this point.

For the first six weeks of the summer, end of May to end of June, I was working on the Magazine, Newspaper, and Online Journalism Capstone project.  It was a hell of a time.  The basis of the class was to create, produce, and deliver and full 100+ page magazine in this six week period.  Students from MNO pitched ideas and did research on the type of magazine that they wanted to create in the spring semester.  At the end of the semester, people that worked on the concepts and all that, with the people that were actually going to work on the magazine voted on the magazine that we were going to be creating.  It was a fun time seeing the different ideas of groups and magazines that they wanted to create.  Anyway, we decided on the magazine called Handshake Magazine.  It is the “guide to modern geek culture.”  We covered everything from Corey Doctorow, to Lego builders, to women gamers.  I learned a lot and got a lot of the six weeks.  I worked along side many talented and ambitious people.  I obviously worked on the photographs along with Megan Swann and Renee Stevens.  The magazine in photo heavy which was nice because it kept us busy during the six weeks.  I think the end product came out great.  You can visit www.handshakemag.com to download the PDF and see all of the online content that the writers and editors created.  It really is amazing what we did during the six weeks of 10-5 every day and a lot of overtime and travel.  If you want to know exactly what I worked on in the magazine, just comment below.

Another awesome thing that I got to do was get my first ever client for my photography business.  I had the opportunity to photography a local Syracuse singer by the name of Khym.  Most of the time I am skeptical about singers because most of the time they really can’t sing.  It’s a lot of processor work, mixing, and everything.  However, I had this girl sing while in the studio and she really can sing.  I also got to hang out with her, the producer Sepp at Fefe Entertainment, and my model friend Vinny Graham at Fefe Entertainment in Syracuse, NY in the recording studio.  So she is legitimately one of the better singers that I have heard.  It was great working with her and Sepp and that whole team of people.  I think more significantly is that it boosted my morale and ego when they liked the end product.  A lot of time as a photography student is spent with other students and teachers and it’s a great feeling when a client likes what you do and likes the end product.  So it was really fun and special to do this work for them.  I look forward to working with them in the future (which I am by the way).

Recently I was asked to do a shoot with Richard Eskow, a writer and contributing editor for Tricycle Magazine, in Utica, NY.  Richard is from Utica but moved away around the age of ten and it was the first time that he has been to Utica in over four decades.  So he is examining how life 40 years ago has changed and what it is now.  I guess it is to mention that Tricycle Magazine is about American and western Buddhist.  There has been a big influx of Buddhist from all over the world to Utica and the story is looking at them as well.  It was pretty cool because the main monks that led political protests against the Burmese Military were the ones we got to hang out with.  So look forward to the September or October issue and my name will pop up.

One last tidbit about my photography, I have photographs from the Syracuse v. Army lacrosse game on Ultimate Athlete Magazine‘s website.  That is the link to take you directly to the article.  The photos aren’t the best.  I guess somewhere in going from my computer to theirs it got funky.  Anyway, those are the photos that they used and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Finally, I have started my last class of my program.  I am taking Research Methods with Dennis Kinsey this second half of the summer sessions.  This dude is awesome.  He makes the classes fun and in turn, we learn a lot from him.  He is a great guy and funny dude.  I couldn’t ask for a better teacher to end my program with.

So in closing, please check out my website and leave comments on here.  I built and manage my website myself and if you see any issues let me know and I’ll try to fix them.  I’ll be adding photos soon and I’ll be adding a tear sheet section soon enough.  I am super pumped about all that has happened this summer and a lot of it has reaffirmed me of why I chose this career.  Thankfully it’s paying off.  Remember to comment about my site, blog, and any other things that you would like me to talk about.

Nikon 85mm f1.8

Howdy! I came up with the brilliant idea to blog about equipment that I use the most when doing shoots in an attempt to show that I know what I am doing/talking about.  This is going to be a weekly occurrence and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it more than I have lately.  I’ll continue to blog on stuff that I am doing in the photo world but this tech area is new and I am excited to do it.

So the first piece of equipment that I want to talk about is the Nikon 85mm f1.8 prime lens.  The best way to describe this lense would be the Napoleon Complex.  It is a pretty tiny lens, standing at about 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and weighing in at 13.4 oz.  The minimum focal length is 2.8 ft. This lens works great on full-frame (fx) camera bodies such as the d700, d3, d3s, and d3x.  It also works great with crop-censored bodies, the fx capabilities of this lens doesn’t diminish in quality or production when used on a dx camera.

With the f1.8, there is a very shallow depth of field and shooting with this lens, you have to be careful.  If you shoot at f4 or f8, you have more wiggle room on selecting where the focus point will rest.  When shooting people with the 1.8, use caution and try to always put the focusing spot on the eye of the person.  If there is one that could ruin a portrait is if the eyes are sharp.  When doing a straight portrait, the eyes are key.  They need to be crisp and clear.  The eyes are the story of a straight photograph.  So when using the 1.8, make sure that you know where your putting the focusing dot in the eye piece, generally the eye is the sweet spot.

When I’m shooting portraits and use this lens, I mostly stay in one spot and dictate what I want the lens to look at by moving the subject around.  So with that said, using this lens on the run, you will not be able to zoom because it is not a zoom lens.  This is a prime lens, meaning there is one focus length.  If you want to get something bigger, you’re going to have to move your feet and get closer.  Like the great war photographer Robert Capa once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.”

This is my number one lens right now and I love it.  It produces great photographs every time and the f1.8 is amazing and great for shallow depth of field.  I bought the lens at B&H Photo Video out of NYC for the price of $450 (give or take a few bucks).  This lens is worth every penny that I spent on it.  I suggest if your doing portraits, this lens becomes part of your gear bag.  You’ll love like I love it, guaranteed!

I’m live!

So as I have blogged about before, I was in a website design class with Darren Sanefski, http://www.dmsdesignstudio.com, and I have recently finished that and my website.  Well I am here to tell you that my site is live and running.  Just a warning, there are some glitches that need to get fixed but I am waiting to hear back from Darren about helping me with my problems.  Some of my albums don’t load right and all that.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it and it’s really annoying.  However, there are some that work and and you can get the jist of my site until I fix the other sections.

On another note, I am getting my first paid gig.  I am shooting a local Syracuse, NY singer/rapper girl named Khym (I think that’s how you spell her name).  I can’t find her on myspace or anything.  Anyway, I am shooting her album photos for her upcoming CD.  I’m super stoked about this because 1. its my first paid gig, 2. I have no money and this helps a lot, and 3. I’m hoping more assignments come as a result of this job.

For the first half of the summer, I am working with the MNO Capstone project where we are making a magazine called Handshake Magazine, http://www.handshakemag.com.  This magazine is for geeks and the geek lifestyle.  We have a load of cool articles, videos, games, photos, and a whole bunch of other stuff we are working on.  In fact, right now I am on a Greyhound bus going to NYC to interview, photograph, and film (with 3 other MNO kids) Cory Doctorow from BoingBoing.net.  He is a super interesting dude and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.  It should be fun.  I am filming a lot of B-roll stuff for a video.  I am also shooting stills of him and possibly a cover for the magazine of him.  I don’t want to give too much away, so have fun and sit tight for the video.

Have fun, be safe, take your shoes off and go barefoot 😛